As a boy growing up in Yakima, WA, I dreamed of playing on Sundays. I dreamed of suiting up alongside my brothers, playing against the best, and competing for championships. I dreamed of celebrating with my family. I dreamed of honoring God through football.

I want to thank the Rams organization for making those dreams a reality in 2017, and for showing continued faith in me. I specifically want to thank the Kroenke family and Coach McVay.

I owe a debt of gratitude to Ryan Tollner and the entire Rep 1 team. They have been like family to me and have been by my side every step of my professional career.

I also want to show gratitude to all of my current coaches and teammates, and past coaches and teammates. From my time in Pop Warner through high school, to time spent at Eastern Washington and in Los Angeles, whether you think you directly impacted me or not, just know: you’ve made an indelible mark on my career and life and I would not be here without your investment in me as a player and as a man.

The same goes for my father, mother and brothers and sister. You’ve nurtured me as a player, but more so as a man, and helped me achieve so many of my goals. I would not be here without each of you. I could not have grown up with better role models, with a better family, and I thank you for that today and every day.

Anna, you’re my inspiration. My rock. You push me to pursue the Lord every day; to rise up as a father, husband, and football player. You nurture my growth and have led me to places I could never have reached without you. I love you and cannot wait for all the adventures to come.

June, you’re my motivation. You don’t even know it, but you teach me about love and joy every single day. You have changed my life, and offered perspective beyond anything I could imagine. Unconditional love is what I have for you, my son.

None of this is possible without God. He instilled a desire in me and allowed it to flourish. He placed me with the people I needed, and pointed me to the places I needed to go. I will continue to use my platform to please Him.

Lastly, to every single Los Angeles Rams fan: I appreciate you. I’m thankful for your support. And I can not wait to wear “Los Angeles” on my chest and represent you every single day.

Blessed, grateful, humbled.