We Launched a Podcast!

This has been an exciting week. Not only did we launch Dodo Coffee Co., but Anna and I also released our brand new podcast, the “Daily Grind.

I’ve already shared a bit about Dodo in another post, so I want to take some time now to tell you about the “Daily Grind.”

Anna and I have thought about doing something like this for quite a while, but we just were never sure of the right time. Now, though, seems like just that. 

We launched “Daily Grind” to be a place where we can more deeply connect with our fans and community, by giving them a chance to get to know us on a higher level. It’ll be a chance for us to share stories from on the field and off, from playing and parenting, and much more. 

On the first episode, out now, we talk about everything from the challenges of parenting a baby who wouldn’t sleep during our 2021 Super Bowl run, to dealing with injuries, to finding balance in the chaos of our lives, to, of course, launching Dodo!

The podcast/vodcast is available on our official YouTube channel, as well as across other social media platforms and audio podcast distributors. We hope you’ll come back each Monday!