We Built a Coffee Company!

This week marks the nationwide launch of Dodo Coffee Co., an exciting new coffee brand founded by Anna, me, and four of her family members. The venture not only introduces high-quality, single-origin coffee beans sourced from Guatemala, Colombia, Hawaii, Brazil and Mexico.  

Dodo Coffee Co. is a family business that embodies the spirit of connection and quality, channeled through a shared love of coffee. It was founded by Anna and I, along with her sister, Sarah and Sarah’s husband, Isaiah, and Anna’s parents, Nathan and Veronica. Our family and brand’s dedication to excellence is reflected in our commitment to non-pesticidal farming practices and the use of high-quality ingredients, ensuring each of the five available roasts has achieved a Q grade between 82 and 92 out of 100. (That’s really high!)

A brick and mortar location of Dodo Coffee Co. opened in Fayetteville, Arkansas in January 2024, and has already become a local favorite. Now, coffee enthusiasts nationwide can enjoy our premium offerings through the newly launched online ordering and shipping service on dodocoffee.co. The brand is also offering a limited subscription service, called The Flock, to guarantee customers regular coffee shipments, as well as access to exclusive merch and perks. 

Oh, and we also launched a podcast, the Daily Grind. You can read more about that here, find more about Dodo Coffee Co. or  place an order at dodocoffee.co!