Battled for days to find the words and I don’t know if I ever will find them. Not to appropriately give weight to the injustice and despair that our brothers and sisters experience and live in each and every day. But the fact that I can’t speak seems deserving, because talking has been done for so long without a willingness by so many to listen, understand, reflect, and move to bring change both inward and outward.

We have an obligation to walk with every ounce of strength against those that operate daily in prejudice. The pit in my stomach reminds me that it has been known the injustice and brokenness that exists, and still I have not joined along in the screams for change. While at the same time working, living, walking alongside my friends who live each day in a system and society that has failed them repeatedly.

My family will not stand for it and we will move. Stillness breeds stagnancy. And we will not be still any longer.