Dear Anna #ThankfulThursdays


What’s understood doesn’t need to be said...maybe that’s why I feel compelled to put this together.

I think it is taken for granted that your spouse knows, unquestionably, how much you adore them. You wake up in the morning and believe that your shortness with them after a restless night of sleep isn’t a big deal because they know your love for them hasn’t changed. You pass by them on a busy day chasing kids around without a kiss or a smile because you’ve got more pressing matters, but believe it’s OK as they understand your priorities haven’t changed. I’m not going to fall into that trap. I’m going to pursue my wife each day and fight for our marriage in every moment.

Anna, you deserve the world. You love deeply. Without hesitation you sacrifice yourself for your family and friends. And I get the privilege of being the one to cling to you, raise you up, and love you to the best of my ability. To strive every day to make you understand the adoration I have for you, the love I feel for you, and how deeply it goes.

All your boys cherish you, and appreciate every little sacrifice you make for our family.

You are loved baby girl!