2020 Season Recap

Not the way we wanted to end the season, it’s never easy putting everything you have into something and missing the mark.

Still, I wanted to take a moment to give thanks. 

In the midst of a Pandemic we were able to complete a full season. I'm thankful to all of the people, within the team and the league, who worked tirelessly to help make that a reality. 

I'm thankful to all of my teammates who, despite unprecedented circumstances, were able to come in each day and focus on the work at hand, and leave everything out on the field.

I want to give props to Rams Nation. You couldn't attend any games, but you still showed support. Still made yourselves heard. I can't wait to see you at SoFi!  

And for my family, Anna, June, and our new bundle of joy: I never could have brought myself to ask you to give up all that you had to for me to be able to play this season, but you selflessly gave it up before I could say a word. Endless gratitude. Luckily I have a lifetime to repay you. Love each of you to the end of the earth.

God is the greatest. This season was just another reminder of that. 

It's time now to focus on '21, to do everything I can to come back a more complete player.